Maintenance and Repair

These figures are old.  They are referred to as ‘vintage’ for a reason. Nonetheless, age brings with it other less desirable conditions, too.  Parts break, degrade or get lost.  Many people have made attempts at repairing these old toys with varying degrees of success.

This page will list as many techniques employed to this end as I can find.  It’s not up to me to be judgmental but some methods do work better than others.  Nonetheless, as there are no rules in regard to how to fix one of these vintage toys then all of these methods can be considered valid if the desired result is achieved.

1979 Kenner ALIEN Complete Restoration


Here’s a  massive 10+ page forum thread that covers almost every repair technique you will need to know if you want to repair one of these old toys.  As the Author of this thread there’s still a few items missing that I want to add to it.  I will get around to doing so.  One day.

There’s enough content present in this thread alone to write a book about repairing one of these figures.  I could do that and nothing else if I wanted to.

Nonetheless, I do have grander plans for HIDEOUS PLASTIC as you will see.




Video by Marshall Made Collectibles

Duration: 17:22. Narrated.

A video that walks you through the installation process of repairing the figures arms using a custom made arm restring kit available from the author.


Dismantling your Kenner Alien


Video by donaldroszzz.

Duration: 10:31. Narrated.

It’s a decent video about tearing down the figure and describing its parts.  There’s also some handy repair hints as well.



Repairing Broken Arms


Video by Oldest Kid in The World.

Duration: 2:01. No narration.

A basic short video about repairing arms using rubber bands.  Not the best method to use but nonetheless it is still serviceable as an option where no other choice is available.



Repairing Broken Arms

AlienArmRepairForum thread by User897.

A very will detailed forum post that fully demonstrates how to repair arms using improvised methods.  Many photos accompany the post and it’s easy to follow.  A great explanation by how the Author solved this common problem.




Repairing Broken Arms


Blog post by Dallas.

A generally good and lengthy blog post that covers most aspects of the figure to varying degrees.  It includes yet another alternative method of repairing the arms, which is always welcome.




General Restoration Tips


Video by Kryptomaster.

Duration 15:04.  Narrated.

A good variety of techniques is present in this moderate length video. Mind you, I would not recommend separating the arms at the ball joint.  You WILL risk damaging the figure. Nonetheless, a terrific video.


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