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Many people have had a lot to say about the old vintage toy over the years. Historical appraisals, assessments, reviews and other commentary regarding Kenner’s amazing 1979 action figure can be found below.

If you are looking for articles relating to repairing the figure, you will find them in a different section, Maintenance and Repair.



Forum Thread on ToyArk.

A random selection of many aspects of the action figure written by myself.  The very first paragraph contains a hint that I am writing a book about the figure. you might like to Keep this in mind while reading through this lengthy thread.





Article on BugEyedMonster.

A brief but informative article.  It also comes with a good number of images of other Kenner ALIEN products from 1979.  It’s a short but satisfying article.




Wrapped in Plastic


Article on Strange Shapes.

Strange Shapes is well known for its informative and in depth articles regarding absolutely anything to do with the movie ALIEN.  This article is no different in this regard and you’ll find a good wealth of information here.



This glow-in-the dark Xenomorph figure might be the scariest Alien toy


Article on io9.

A short but excellent run down on the figure presented with terrific photos.





Spring loaded arms…to crush its victims!


Article on Ward-O-Matic.

Some great photos and a terrific recounting of the Authors experience of receiving one of these old toys for Christmas in 1979.  An experience I feel very similar kinship with.  Plus a bunch of other useful information as well.



Alien Kenner 1979 Mint In Box


Forum thread on Mego Museum.

General discussion about the figure and its availability.  Some nice images of a reproduction box made by one of the members.

I would love to get a hold of one – or twenty – of those facsimile boxes.



Warning! Alien Is Here!


Article on Vintage Action Figures.

A relatively informative appraisal of the figure that is punctuated with a generous amount of images.  Photos of the figure in its original box is always welcome.






Article on Toy Archive.

A handful of images accompanied by a brief paragraph of information.  The figure is incorrectly identified as being 12 inches tall.




Kenner Alien figure stand diorama


Article on COOL & Collected.

An easy to build ‘do-it-yourself’ display stand to help prevent your Kenner Alien from falling over.

I’ve made something similar in the past using a scrap of wood plank, a piece of old pine curtain rod and some screws and glue.  It worked out well.


1979 Kenner Alien


Article on Xenomorph.

The paragraph is brief and the photos are blurred but the Author does document the value of owning multiple figures and cannibalising them to create a pair of more complete figures. Yes.  This is good.



Halcyon Alien Model Kit


Article on Xenomorph

The remarkably awful and terrible Halcyon Alien model kit derived from the Kenner toy.  Significantly, a pair of photos of the box art and the  instruction sheet.

NOTE: The finished model sparsely resembles the box art at all and embarrassingly more closely resembles a cut up toy – which is exactly what it was.  Worst model kit ever!


The 1979 ALIEN Toy That Was Too Terrifying For Kids To Play With


Article on BLUMHOUSE.

Several paragraphs and good historical content makes this article worth a read.  It’s well populated with photos and also discusses the more recent Super 7 and Gentle Giant releases of recent years.  A good little read for interested people.


Kenner’s Alien in the 1980 Kenner Trade Catalog


Article on battlegrip.

A short paragraph accompanies a full page from Kenner’s 1980 Trade Catalog.  It’s a high resolution image so right click and ‘Save Image’.  A great and rare piece of literature that is very welcome in this format.



Second-Coolest Toy Ever: Kenner’s 18″ ALIEN Action Figure


Article on SPACE: 1970.

A couple of images accompany this personal account of the figure when it was released in 1979 and the Author’s quest to own one.  It’s a brief read but fun.




His Evil Brains Blow in the Dark: Remembering Kenner’s Alien Figure (1979)


Article on FLASHBAK

Several paragraphs accompanied by some very large images. It’s a decent read and worth a look at.







Article on toyzine

This 2 page article of moderate length is peppered with good humor and is a fun item.  Buried in among all the gags is some worthwhile information.




Review: Alien ReActionFigures


Review on COMICS – X – AMINER

More of a review of the 3 3/4 inch tall ALIEN  action figures made by FUNKOxSuper7.  The author does recount his first experiences with the original Kenner Alien figure.

The FUNKOxSuper7 line of ReAction figures are worthy of discussion on their own merits.  I’ll get around to doing that eventually as well.  Such a big hit for those companies and they still support this product line today.   Such cool toys.  I generally love what Super 7 have achieved with this licence.

Tsukuda Hobby Alien


Article on Xenomorph

A brief article about the Kenner derived Tsukuda Hobby and Halcyon Alien figures and model kit from the 1980’s and ’90’s.

Honestly, these things are just… …odd.



Kenner’s 18″ Alien Action Figure (1979)


Article on 2 Warps to Neptune

A couple of paragraphs terminates this gallery of box photos.  All sides of the box are represented including a good view of the red insert card the figure was originally mounted on.  Worth a look to gain familiarity with the box but light on information.




Article on Collecting Classic Monsters

Several good photos of the figure and its box punctuate several paragraphs of reasonably good information.  The article also addresses the Gentle Giant tribute figure of 2015.  A decent read with good variety.


Kenner ‘Alien’ – 1979


Article on Toy Tinker Tim

A brief paragraph and some photos of the figure.  The statement “No manufacture or date markings on figure.” is incorrect.  These details can be found on the right side of the figure’s jaw activation trigger.



Alien – Kenner – 1979


Article by Unknown Author

Text is in French, which I can’t read, regardless, the photos are cool.  There’s also a short presentation video of the figure.

No narration.



RETRO TOY FLASHBACK # 46: Kenner’s Alien


Article on John Kenneth Muir’s Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV

Short article about the figure and the merit of scaring children with vintage toys from the late 1970’s and ’80’s.






Article on Moonbase Central

A couple nice photos and brief account of how much the figure was discounted.





Five of the Most Valuable Horror Toys Ever Released


Article on Blumhouse

This article refers to Ebay sales as a metric to gauge the ‘most valuable horror toys ever released’.  Our grotesque black friend comes in at a comfortable No.3 on a list of Top 5.



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