1979 Kenner ALIEN Action Figure.

Manufacturer: Kenner Products

Type: The first action figure based on ALIEN.

Released: 1979

Product No.:  70060

Height: 18.75 inches.

Glow in the Dark Feature:  Skull face and other details along the side of the head will glow in the dark.

Packaging: Blue box with windows in front and on top.

Inclusions: Double sided poster.  Red card insert packaging.

Points of Articulation and Movement: 8. 1x Trigger operated mouth and tongue consisting of multiple parts. 2x freely moving ball and socket shoulder joints. 2x rotation at  wrist spindle joints.  2x rotation at hip spindle joints. 1x rotation at tail spindle joint.

Note: The loose and often missing translucent smoky head carapace is not considered to be a moving part. There may appear to be some looseness at the neck joint but no rotation of the head is possible. The 5 appendages found loosely fixed in place upon the figure’s back may offer some migration within their points of attachment but are also considered not to be moving parts.  The tail has a prehensile quality to it but is permanently and inflexibly fixed into its coiled shape and will not bend without breaking.