1984 Tsukuda Hobby ALIEN Jumbo Figure.

Manufacturer: Tsukuda Hobby

Type: Derived from the original 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure.

Released: 1984

Product No.: JF-02-6000

Height: 17.75 inches.

Glow in the Dark Feature:  None.

Packaging: Lift off box top.

Inclusions: Single sided instruction sheet (English and Japanese).  White card insert packaging.

Points of Articulation and Movement: 8. 1x head rotation at the neck. 2x rotation at  arm and shoulder spindle joints. 2x rotation at arm and wrist spindle joints (if not glued in place).  2x rotation at hip and leg spindle joints. 1x rotation at tail base on torso spindle joint.

Note:  This figure needs partial assembly – the carapace, hands and tail need to be affixed to the figure.  All articulation associated with the trigger mechanism and jaw activation system is absent in this figure and all mouth parts are permanently fixed in place with the tongue displayed in its maximum extended position.  If not glued in place, the hands and carapace will have a tendency to fall off. A very rigid yet flexible wire core permits the tail to be posed in any position and displayed at the owners discretion.  This is the first ALIEN figure to feature a flexible wire core tail.  This is the only figure of the Kenner derived family to feature felt padding upon the soles of the feet.