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Along with all text and images appearing on this site (unlessGwangiJnr_200x200 otherwise noted), HIDEOUS PLASTIC is owned and run by Phil ‘Windebieste’ Wlodarczyk.

I’m keeping this site light.  The truth is, getting on with the work of completing the book is my priority right now rather than spending weeks on end making this thing top heavy on  presentation.  Right now the site is serviceable and still largely under development.   Here’s the essential things you need to know:

  • Some of my personal details can be found here.  Not a lot to brag about for sure; but I’m more of a practical ‘hands on and get things done’ kind of Guy rather than tell you all about myself.  You get the bare essentials.
  • Right now the Contact Me page is a little rudimentary.  At least you can email me or fill in the contact form.  If filling in forms is your kind of thing. I do have a FaceBook and Twitter account but I am not dedicated to using them with any regularity.  I’m not that interested in spending my time languishing on social media.  I have more important things to do than wasting my time in those fetid swamps.  Email me, please.  I do check my email multiple times every day.
  • There’s a FAQ regarding the book.  I think currently that’s the most important feature this site has to offer right now.  I’m more interested in getting a clear idea out to the World regarding what HIDEOUS PLASTIC has to offer rather than telling you about myself on Facebook.

Once I get the announcement video out, bring the book even closer to completion and get the FREE! excerpt content online I’ll probably have more time to flesh out these pages and other areas of the site.

Right now, this will do.  For me, it’s time to knuckle down to get the real work done.


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