NECA Posts USCM Arsenal Images.

Posted on their Twitter as part of their regular ‘Facehugger Friday’ announcements, NECA reveal the packaging of their upcoming ‘USCM Arsenal Accessory Pack’ for your company of 7 inch tall NECA Colonial Marine figures.

Looks like a terrific range of accessories for you to hand over to Hicks, Hudson, Windrex, Vasquez and Frost when it hits shelves ‘…later this Summer’.  Northern hemisphere Summer, that is.  So, sometime during the next few months.  Nice.  Not really into this item but I know plenty of people who will be.

Here’s another image of the ‘Asenal Pack’ and a list of what’s inside.

  • 1x Pulse Rifle (with attachable muzzle flash.)
  • 1x Flamer (with attachable plume.)
  • 1x Pistol/sidearm.
  • 1x Shotgun.
  • 1x Flashlight.
  • 1x Knife.
  • 1x Duty bag.
  • 1x helmet.
  • 2x Automated sentryguns.
  • 2x Sentrygun control systems.

Wow… 12 accessories to deck out your troops.  Such a great selection, too.  All that’s missing is a deck of cards.

In the meantime, ALIEN: Covenant is about to be released in the US.  I liked it. A lot.  NECA will no doubt start showing off their range of figures based on the new movie very soon.  I’m guessing we’ll start seeing content next Friday.  Can’t wait for that to happen, actually.


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