Danny McBride Shows Off New NECA ALIEN Covenant figure.

This image appeared on NECA’s Twitter account today of ALIEN Covenant actor Danny McBride (Captain Tennessee) showing off NECA’s new ALIEN Covenant action figure of the movie’s final Alien.  McBride is accompanied here by Randy Falk, NECA’s Director of Product Development.

McBride looks verrry happy with the new figure.  It looks like he’s signed it, too.  I’m hoping the box packaging we see here is going to be the one we see on store shelves rather than NECA’s standard clam shell variety.

Accompanying this image was the text: “Had the pleasure of talking w Danny McBride earlier today. You’ll hear more about it later this week. Thanks

What are these 2 rascals doing together, anyway?  Concocting up new ALIEN Covenant action figures, maybe?  I for one believe Tennessee in one of the Covenant’s EVA suits would be an ideal action figure.  Then again, I’d settle for one ship side wearing a cowboy had, too.

We’ll See.  I’m expecting a lot more NECA announcements will drop during the next week right alongdide the movie being released to the rest of the world.  This (Facehugger) Friday will probably be a beauty!


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