Super7 Reveal 5 Inch Vinyl Psychedelic Alien Queen.

Better put your favorite Pink Floyd LP on the turn table for this one.  Vinyl, of course. Speaking of vinyl, Super7 have announced their new 5 inch tall ‘Psychedelic Terror Queen Alien’ figure will be available at this weekend’s Five Points Festival (May 20-21) in New York City.

The lurid red and purple vinyl cast figure will be exclusive to the event.  So if you want one, turn up.  Optionally, keep an eye on Super7’s online store as any remaindered stock (if any) will possibly become available there after the event.   Scalpers love these things so if you miss out and are prepared to front up to Ebay and pay more than necessary, you can do that, too.

Nonetheless, Super7 have this to say about the item: “Super7 will be at Five Points Festival this weekend (May 20-21) in New York City! To celebrate, we’re bringing some vinyl exclusives with us that will be available while supplies last at Booth 239… including this terrifying 5-inch Psychedelic Terror Alien Queen!

Here’s the Facebook post it came from.


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