NECA Release ALIENS Series 13 Teaser Image.

NECA have posted an image on their Twitter page of this enticing brute:

“Something new to whet your appetites for Series 13 courtesy of David Silva for is what they had to say about.  It’s a safe bet this item is a concept piece for their upcoming Series 13 of Kenner inspired ALIENS action figures, the Scorpion Alien.  Of all all the weird and ludicrous ALIENS items Kenner made during the 1990s, the Scorpion Alien was my favourite.  It appears NECA are fully embracing the barbed knees and elbows which were features present the original figure.  Plus, there’s the tell tale stinger barb terminating the tail – which Aliens possess, anyway.

There’s only 1 question I have.  Will it ‘explode’ at the touch of a button on its back like the original figure did?  Otherwise, this looks good and solid to me.  It goes on my eternal want list that never gets any shorter.

I celebrated the 25 Anniversary of the original ALIENS Scorpion figure with a retrospective review earlier this year.


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