ALIEN: Isolation Screenshot Utility.


Most people know I’m a big fan of the game, ALIEN: Isolation.  Many of them know I like to post screenshots of the game online.  Some of you have been asking me, how to do it yourselves?

The answer is a little program called Cheat Engine.  Download and install it.  You’ll also need an additional piece of software called a Cheat Table – which is basically a custom made game specific database the software needs for this purpose. This ALIEN: Isolation Cheat Table is specifically set up to freeze in game action, move the camera around the environment and set up shots and angles so you can take clean, HUD free screenshots.  Just unzip the cheat table to your desktop and double click on it. Cheat Engine will then open with the ALIEN Isolation database ready for you to use.

You’ll also need some form of screen capture software as Cheat Engine does not record images – it just sets them up.  …or you can just use Print Screen and then crop and edit in something like Paint.Net, one of the best pieces of FREE! image manipulation software ever created.

Have fun with this!  It takes some getting accustomed to using the awkward navigation system for moving around int the game world and Cheat Engine generally isn’t the easiest thing to use but the results can be fantastic.  You may need to be prepared to demonstrate some perseverance – so put an evening aside to experiment with the software is a good idea – it’s not terribly well documented.

Cheat Engine was also used to create much of the image content of the faux ALIEN Isolation bubblegum cards I made over a year ago.  Download the complete set.  These things were a load of fun to make and I’ve been wanting to do something like this again sometime.  Eventually, I will.


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