ALIEN ReAction Wave 3 in Close up.

More information is slowly emerging regarding the recently announced Super7 ALIEN Wave 3 ReAction figures that appeared at this year’s New York Toy Fair.  We now have a series of close ups of the new human characters joining the popular series, Lambert, Parker and Brett, all in ship side crew gear.  Accessories for these items are currently unknown, but it’s a safe bet a ‘cattle prod’ will be one of them .

Also included in the set are updated versions of Dallas and Ripley in more screen accurate crew gear. Jones the cat will be Ripley’s new accessory for this release.  A Continue reading

2018 Toy Fair – Loyal Subjects ALIENS

Loyal Subjects have revealed the full range of figures appearing in their ALIENS themed blind box offering.  We knew something along these lines was on the cards since last year’s Toy Fair but little was known about them.

These figures look to be in the 3.2 inch range with rare chase figures also being available.  To whet your appetite a little more for these little runts, there’s a couple more images Continue reading

2018 Toy Fair – Galeforce Nine Board Game

Galeforce Nine looks to be releasing an ALIENS themed miniatures board game later this year.  Looks super neat, too.  Tabletop pulse rifles, smartguns and a bunch of slimy assholes to use them against.  Can’t have too much of that.

It looks to be set up for 2 players in Co-operative game play, possibly playing as a commanders for 2 squads of marines vs them wily xenomorph bugs.  …or maybe you both play as a hive full of Aliens, defending your nest from invading marines – a great Continue reading

More 2018 Toy Fair Super7 Goodness.

Super7 have put in a solid showing at the 2018 New York Toy Fair and their ALIEN range has been well represented.  We’ve already posted news about the upcoming 3rd Wave of ReAction figures and we now have some more information and photos of the curious blood spattered figure of the ALIEN.

This item appears to be exclusive to an upcoming 3 packs, of which there will be 3 different packages.  This particular figure will feature in one of them (along with Parker and Brett) and posseses a redesigned tongue, more accurate to how it appears in the movie.  A flat tongue variant, which was a legacy of the Alien figure when it was originally designed in 1979, will be included in another 3 pack box (with Dallas and Lambert).

Also seen at the Super7 booth were these re-envisioned lolly coloured Blind Box M.U.S.C.L.E variant figures.   Super7 is adopting the ‘Keshi’ moniker for these items.   The Continue reading

2018 Toy Fair – NECA Series 13 Kenner Tribute ALIENS.

NECA have posted official images of their upcoming ALIEN Series 13 figures for their ToyFair 2018 Day 2 Reveal.  The set will feature Kenner tribute figures of the Snake Alien, Scorpion Alien and Space Marine Sgt. Apone.  For a complete set of images, check out the Gallery below.

No doubt Sgt Apone will go well with NECA’s already released Ripley Kenner tribute figure but will he be able to toss grenades?  Anyway, here’s what NECA have to say about about this upcoming trio, slated for an October 2018 release: Continue reading

2018 Toy Fair – ReAction Alien figures.

The New York Toy Fair is on right now and we’re expecting some surprise reveals.  Unsurprising though, was the reveals for the remaining Nostromo crew members for Super7’s long running ReAction figures.  These have been public knowledge for some time and as expected Wave 3 will contain Parker, Lambert and Brett in crew gear.   A new version of Dallas and Ripley will also be available; along with a decapitated version of Ash.  Looks like Jones will be an accessory figure, too; and a version of Kane in his suit with an unsightly yabby attached to his face.

I’m hoping the blue card backs will make a reappearance.  Series 1 featured these as pre-order exclusives.  We haven’t seen them since but these are just as likely to be promotional packaging.

What we weren’t expecting – and should really not have been a surprise – was Super7’s reveal of Wave 2 of their ALIEN SPACE VILLAIN blind box figures.  Once again, this set Continue reading

RetroDraughtsman Kenner ALIEN Technical Art Print.

This item has been available for sometime – I’ve only just gotten around to posting about it.  Well, I don’t think I’ve posted it before, so here goes.  It’s an unofficial technical art print of the original 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure.  Basically, this is a “technical Illustration of the Kenner 1979 18″ Alien.  Measured and scaled off the original toy and produced using CAD by a Professional Draughtsman and Collector of Vintage Toys.  Limited Edition of only 250 Prints, all signed and numbered by hand, by the artist”. I’m assuming this item is still available.  You can order it for £15.00 directly from the designer.


Kenner ALIEN Inspired Holy Mountain Poster.

Now available from Holy Mountain Printing is a Kenner ALIEN action figure inspired poster featuring artwork that mimics the original 1979 box along with an alternate interpretation of the Alien figure itself.

For the  price of US$18, you too could be the proud owner of a12.5 x 25″ screen printed poster printed on “French paper company construction paper”.  It also includes an ALIEN sticker.  Continue reading