NECA Officially Reveals ALIEN Series 11 Details.

We know NECA’s Series 11 ALIEN figures have been coming for sometime but we now have exact details.  Of most significance to me is the Lambert figure, which is the first time an official likeness has been granted by Veronica Cartright; and even better, Lambert has 2 heads!

Well, 2 interchangeable heads, that is.  Not 2 at the same time.  I don’t think Lambert is some kind of chimera.  The facial details and 1970s hair style looks very well sculpted and Continue reading

NECA CLUB x ALIEN Announced. Wotisit?

NECA have announced their NECA CLUB x ALIEN promotional incentive to anyone who is an “hardcore, completionist Alien action figure collector”.  Maybe this club is for you.

What exactly is this club; and what are its benefits?  Let’s find out. “Membership provides advance access to all of NECA’s Alien action figure releases, including convention and Continue reading

Toy Fair 2017: My Personal Favorite so far.

There’s a ton of News regarding ALIEN action figures and toys coming out of Toy Fair 2017 and honestly, it’s a bit much.  So far, my favorite items are the pair of Kenner inspired Super 7 1986 ALIENS Warriors.  These items immediately elevated themselves to the top of  my ‘must have list’.

The important thing is the details on the display card front and center between both figures Continue reading

Toy Fair 2017: Eaglemoss Hero Series.

Man… the News just does not stop.  It looks like Eaglemoss also have a display of their ALIEN Collector Statue Series at this year’s Toy Fair.

This series of Toys is a subscription based model with the first introductory item being the Big Chap as seen above.  There’s going to be a new pair of ALIEN and PREDATOR based figures shipped to subscribers every month.  Wow.  There’s a ton more images in ToyArk’s gallery.


Toy Fair 2017: Super 7 ALIENS M.U.S.C.L.E. Toys.

Following up on their earlier range of diminutive ALIEN M.U.S.C.L.E. toys, Super 7 have revealed their new ALIENS range of bite size pliable rubbery merchandise at Toy Fair 2017.  Once again, there’s more images over at ToyArk.

I still don’t know what to make of these things.  They look like dog biscuits, to me.  I guess the family dog will get as much joy out of chewing on them as Junior will have playing with Continue reading

Toy Fair 2017: Super 7 ReAnimated Figures – ‘COMING SOON’!

I don’t know anything about these items just yet but they look to be companion items to Super7’s extant range of ReAction figures – but given a more 21st Century treatment.

What we see here is a pair of Aliens, completely different from the previous Super7 treatment of the figure.   A completely fresh set of sculpts. The white figure is of particular Continue reading

Toy Fair 2017: Super 7 ALIEN ReAction Figures Series 3 Announced.

The News keeps pouring in… and it’s all good, too!  ToyArk via Bloody Disgusting has released photos of Super 7’s new Series 3 line up of their ALIEN ReAction figures. 

Importantly, we’ll be seeing new characters represented in this line up. Brett, Parker and Lambert will all be released by the looks of it. All dressed in Nostromo crew gear.  It also Continue reading