The Curious History of ALIEN ReAction Figures.

During the next weeks I’ll be looking into ALIEN ReAction figures in a series of articles.  It’s appropriate then that we start at the beginning and focus on the history of the Alien figure itself, delving into the fascinating world of prototypes and find out what makes them significant

A series of 3 written items appearing on this site explores different aspects of these popular 1970s themed ALIEN retro action figures.  This first article explores their origin and unfortunate conditions that curtailed their development in the late 1970s, how they were kept concealed from public scrutiny for decades; and their eventual phoenix-like rise from the ashes of ambiguity.


NECA Posts More AvP Arcade Game Figure Images.

Good old NECA, getting back in to regular postings of upcoming adult toys based on slimy shit from space.  Today, as part of their Facehugger Friday promotional strategy, they have posted some work in progress shots of the ‘Arachnoid’ Alien that will be part of the ALIENS vs PREDATOR Arcade video game figures set.

I guess we can expect more ‘behind the scenes’ shots of these figures in the upcoming weeks.  More images after the break. Continue reading

Download ALIEN Isolation Fan Art Bubblegum Cards.

A little over a year ago I assembled a faux set of ALIEN Isolation Bubblegum cards just for fun.  The set of 100 cards was created using screenshots from SEGA’s ALIEN Isolation video game combined with Topps bubblegum design sensibility mimicking their actual
ALIEN bubblegum cards released in 1979.  They turned out to be fun and popular.

Now, I’ve zipped ’em all up into a handy  package for everyone to enjoy and you are welcome to help yourself to the whole set in one easy download.  There’s actually 103 cards in the archive. The additional 3 cards consisting of a pair of outtakes and the third made purely for self indulgent reasons and is only tangentially relevant to the video game.

Feel free to download the complete set.


NECA Posts ‘BTS’ Chrysalis Images.

After a brief hiatus, NECA have returned to posting their Facehugger Friday posts.  Today’s post they showed off a pair of images relating to their upcoming AvP Arcade game Chrysalis figure.

This new set of behind the scenes content includes 8 images of what looks like a test shot of the upcoming figure.  There’s 6 of these images in total after the break plus an annotated inside peak into designing this toy’s retractable face.  Yep.  You read that right.  Intriguing stuff. Continue reading


I’ve been updating a few features on the site lately. Of most interest to visitors are the updated About the Book and FAQ pages regarding the publication of my upcoming book HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. These areas of the site have been needing attention for some time.  Now their content is more current.

I’ve also removed the Free Preview Edition of the book from the download section of the site for now.  This is a temporary action only. The Preview Edition item was made available soon after the site was launched in December, 2016 and much of the content has changed substantially since then. This item will return and I’ll be posting an updated version at a later date, closer to when the book is published.

As for the book itself. Yeah. There’s no problem there at all. It’s ticking over as planned and progressing well. All 200+ pages of it. There’s still plenty of work to do and I’ll talk about it more at a later date. There’s also more site updates coming soon, too; and likewise, I’ll be talking about those later, as well.

Thank you for your attention.


My ‘Requiem Hybrid’ has Arrived! Oooh, Goodie!

This unforgivably grotesque thing arrived in the mail today. I saw this item on Ebay a week ago and was compelled to purchase it.  It’s a Requiem: Hybrid figure – otherwise known as an ‘AvP-R Predalien’.  Normally, I don’t like to impulse buying like this – my purchases of such things are mostly planned out as I am trying to save up coin to help fund the publishing of a book I’m writing.  Unfortunately, items like this Continue reading

REVIEWED: NECA Neomorph Action Figure.

I’ve been consciously avoiding reviewing any NECA figures until the ALIEN covenant stuff had been released.  Well, now this range of figures has reached Australian shores and I’ll be exploring these items in detail during the next month or so.

Think of it as Wabbit NECA Season, Dear Elmer.

So let’s get stuck into these things, shall we?  First up is the grisly little bastard known as the Neomorph.  Go ahead.  Read all about my impressions of this little darlin’.  I quite like it.  I’ll be tackling NECA’s iteration of David’s Xenomorph next week, too, so keep an eye out for that one.