Eaglemoss Space Jockey Figurine Available Soon.

Our silent space traveling friend, the enigma known only as ‘The Space Jockey’,  wil be available soon as a figurine by Eaglemoss.  The 22cm tall ‘Bonus Edtion 1’ statuette is now available for pre-order from the HeroCollector online store.

At 22kg, this is going to be a weighty item for its size. Here’s what Eaglemoss have to say about it

“This impressive figure is produced in detailed polyresin to capture the intricate biomechanical design inspired by the work of legendary artist HR Giger, and hand-painted to recreate the haunting colours in the scene, one of the sci-fi’s most memorable moments. This Space Jockey stands over 22 cm tall, runs over 20 cm in diameter, weighs more than 2kg, and makes for a unique standalone piece or an imposing addition to any Alien collection.”

Available for delivery from 27th October.


Hiya Toys to Produce ALIEN: Covenant Figures.

Exclusive News from INFINITE EARTHS claims that the merchandising activity for ALIEN: Covenant is far from over. It appears that Hiya Toys will be releasing a pair of figures based on the movie some time in the near future.  Anticipated for release is the familiar form of the Covenant Alien and the pallid shape of the Neomorph.  Both are expected to be in the 1/18 scale.

Here’s what the News post has to say “Hiya Toys, the company behind the 1/18 scale series of Aliens: Colonial Marines action figures, will be producing new figures based off of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. Not a whole lot of details are available at this time, however we do know that the new line will be produced in collaboration with 20th Century Fox, and that Hiya will be kicking off the line with 1/18 scale versions of both the Xenomorph and the Neomorph seen in the film.”  A little more information is available on their initial News post.

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Prototype Gallery Update.

In the interest of providing new and interesting content to everyone visiting HIDEOUS PLASTIC, I have the pleasure of announcing 3 excellent additions to the prototype gallery.  New content includes a terrific example of a 1992 ALIENS Alien Queen test shot mounted on a mock up backing proof along with a pair of different prototype versions of the ALIEN: Resurrection Signature Series Warrior ALIEN.Photographs and a brief description accompanies each of these 3 items.  Check them out.  They are fantastic!

As usual, these entries would not have been possible without the kind permission of contributors allowing me to use this content.  My appreciation and gratefulness goes to Steve Dwyer and toyzonehk.  Thank you both for helping to expand the content of the prototype gallery.

While on the subject of prototype figures, I have added a few more details to the already extant article on the curious history of Kenner’s Pocket Size ALIEN Legend  You may like to check that out, too.  Thank you again Steve for the additional information and the use of the extra image content.  Too much awesome and I’m pleased to see it!

Anyone who is in possession of any prototype ALIEN action figure image material is welcome to make a contribution to the gallery.  Please contact me if you wish to do so.  You will be credited.


ALIEN Dreaming.

I’ve been messing around with some Deep Dreaming software and mashing up one particular photo of the 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure.  I have been been getting some intriguing results.

I’ve had waaaay too much fun making these things and I’ve set up a gallery on the site for you to enjoy.  Check it out here.

I’ve also added a link to the ALIEN Dreaming gallery to the Gallery item on the drop down menu at the top of the front page.


Eaglemoss ALIEN Reveals at NYCC 2017.

Looks like Eaglemoss is going to be hitting this year’s New York Comic Con with a deluge of ALIEN themed merchandise.  Included is some big surprises.  Spearheading this range of figurines will be a pair of 2 packs featuring tributes to old Classic Kenner ALIENS action figures.

First up, is the Bull and Gorilla Alien tribute items as part of Eaglemoss’ ALIENS Retro Collection.  Now these look terrific!  They won’t have any articulation by the looks of it but this set looks fantastic and comes in a neat 2 pack.

Are you stoked by this announcement?  Well, you should be otherwise what are you doing visiting this site..?  But wait… there’s more.  How much more?  Read on and find out. Continue reading

Eaglemoss Special Edition Queen Alien.

Just in case you haven’t had enough Queen Aliens in your life, Eaglemoss have a special offer you may enjoy.  Available from their webstore is this detailed 8.5 inch tall, 1:16 scale figurine.

This special edition piece will set you back US$59.95.  It may not possess any articulation but it’s a damned sight cheaper than most other Queen Aliens made by other companies.


Super7 Exclusive NYCC 2017 Glow in the Dark Queen Alien.

Super7 have announced they will be releasing an exclusive new sofubi inspired glow in the dark blood spattered Queen Alien at this year’s New York Comic Con.

Here’s what Super7 have to say about this limited edition item: It would not be NYCC if a Xenomorph didn’t stow away with us and this time it’s the exclusive Glow-In-The-Dark / Blood Splattered Alien Queen 5-inch Japanese soft vinyl figure. It’s from Japan, man! Quantities will be bloody limited.

New York Comic Con is October 5 through October 8.  Stocks are limited.


ALIEN: Covenant Life Size Head Pre-Order.

Sideshow Collectibles are now taking pre-orders for the latest in life size xenomorph heads with the imminent release of the Cool Props piece based on the Aliens seen in ALIEN: Covenant. The new Cool Props 1:1 scale replica head is based on the final design of the Aliens as seen in the movie.  It’s a whopping 35 inches long (Just shy of a meter.) and will set you Continue reading

First Glimpse at NECA’s Upcoming Snake Alien.

NECA’s #Facehugger Friday has returned after a 2 week hiatus and with it comes this work in progress image of one of their upcoming Alien figures.

This exquisitely detailed item looks to be the back of NECA’s interpretation of Kenner’s Snake Alien and will be part of their 13th series of ALIEN action figures, also focusing on a trio of items inspired by old Kenner toys.  It will be a while before this series of figures hits store shelves as no release announcement date has been made yet. Continue reading