KickStarter Early Bird Pledge Expires Soon.

The Early Bird Reward Tier for the HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. will expire soon.  This reward option is part of the KickStarter campaign and offers 30% discount off the standard Print Edition and it will become unavailable after March 31.  If you are interested in supporting the campaign at a cheaper rate then now is the time to act before it’s too late.  Supporting this tier will reward Backers with a copy of the book, sheduled to be published in October, 2017.   While the campaign will continue until late April, 2017 the Early Bird Reward Tier will soon no longer be available.

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. is a comprehensive 200 page resource book about the Kenner ALIEN action figure released in 1979.  The book is nearly complete.  A publisher, editor, typesetting and other print services are also ready to go.  All that remains now to set the final stages in motion and have the book delivered to Backers by Christmas is the financing to fund its completion.

Help bridge this final stage by making a Pledge.  Pledge today and receive a 30% discount on a unique book about one of the world’s great notorious children’s toys, the Kenner ALIEN action figure.



SPOTLIGHT: 2014 Gentle Giant Glow in the Dark ALIEN

Shining a spotlight on this figure is a highly desirable and appropriate thing to do.  2014 witnessed the release of Gentle Giant’s own take on the Classic action figure.  Their release was fully 25% larger than the original figure presented in a large black box featuring white artwork.

This enormous 24 inch tall figure is cast in luminous green plastic and will glow in the dark once held under bright lights.  It was the first of 4 variants produced by Gentle Giant Continue reading

KickStarter – 48 Hour FLASH SALE! is Now Over.

The HeartStarter FLASH SALE! is now over.  Some people decided to make a Pledge and take advantage of the cheapest rate on offer and that’s terrific.  Now that the HeartStarter incentive has expired, it’s still not too late to demonstrate your support for this Project and still benefit from a cheaper rate.

The Early Bird Reward option is still available and offers 30% off the standard Full Print Edition reward.  It’s a substantial saving for anyone who wants a copy of the book at a very affordable Pledge level.  Visit the KickStarter campaign page for more details.

As is the nature of this reward tier, the Early Bird Reward will expire at the end of the month.  It will stay active for 2 more weeks so please keep in mind this offer will terminate on March 31.

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the HeartStarter FLASH SALE!  Figures for the campaign have been generally lower than I had anticipated and while they still remain a little short of required numbers to be successful, this activity has helped the campaign gain some much needed traction to get back into the race.

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. may be off life support but it still needs your help.  Make a Pledge today! 

Thank you for your much needed support.


KickStarter – HeartStarter FLASH SALE! Now On.

The HeartStarter FLASH SALE! Reward Tier is now open for would be Backers on the HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter campaign.

It’s the cheapest support option on the list that will reward you with a copy of the book.  At 50% off the Full Print Edition you’ll be paying half price.  There’s just one catch.  Well, two actually.  Firstly, the FLASH SALE is limited to only 50 copies.  If they don’t move fast enough, then this Reward Option closes on March 16, less than 48 hours.

This Reward Tier is intended to appeal to anyone who may be undecided about supporting this Project.  At half price the decision is made for you.  All you have to do is make a Pledge.  Pledges are AU$32.50 (Approx US$25).

Make a pledge. Make a difference.  Do it now.  This offer won’t last long.



HIDEOUS PLASTIC Proposed Vols. 2&3 Titles Revealed.

It’s no secret I intend HIDEOUS PLASTIC to be a trilogy of books about ALIEN action figures and toys.

While In stores everyone can hear you scream. is more than capable of existing as a solitary stand alone title, it could just as easily be the first volume in a trilogy.  The basic outline plans for Volumes 2&3 have been already drawn up and their contents largely determined.  The subtitles on the images below will provide a clue to their proposed content.

(Left) Vol. 2: This time it’s more.; (Right) Vol. 3: Whatever sells we buy. Cover art not final.

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – This time it’s more. is intended to cover all ALIEN action figures and toys since 1979 ranging from the original 1979 Kenner item through toys they released in Continue reading

SPOTLIGHT: 1995 Tsukuda Hobby ALIEN.

During the course of the next 50 days, we’re going to look at some of the other action figures and models that will grace the pages of HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream.  First up is this rather obscure item from Tsukuda Hobby, released in 1995.

This Japanese pressing is the 2nd item from Tsukuda Hobby derived their product from the original 1979 kenner action figure  and it is generally considered to be inferior.  While Continue reading

KickStarter – UPDATE No.3: ‘Xenothusiast’ Expiry Date Added.

Welcome to the  HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter Campaign Update No.3

Just a small update; but an important one in the greater scheme of things regarding this campaign.  I’ve added an expiry date to the Xenothusiast Reward Tier.  This reward will become unavailable on April 25th, 2017.

This is the high end tier for this campaign.  It includes a 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure fully restored to display worthy condition.  These items are expensive at the best of times and this tier reflects the figure’s value.  You will also receive a copy of the book along with other privileges.  See the tier listing for details.

Other than the date alteration, no other changes have been made to this tier.

So, if you are interested in owning one of these fully feature complete excellent presentation display worthy figures (and a copy of the book), now is the time to start thinking about it.  25 of them are available.


KickStarter – 2nd Kenner ALIEN Shipment Arrives.

Ah, it arrived a little later than expected, but my 2nd box of dismembered ALIEN parts came today.  It’s difficult to see the value in this apparent pile of rubble, but in truth I’ll be able to use this selection of miscellaneous black body parts as foundations to construct and restore at least 2 more Aliens.  This will be a fun exercise if nothing else.

Let’s see what’s included in this pile of debris.  There are 2 incomplete figures here, both missing arms.  I’ll be using the arms that arrived in the earlier shipment to complete those Continue reading

McNamara Writes about HIDEOUS PLASTIC.

You know when other people start posting about your work, it’s getting serious.  Matthew McNamara of Mcnamara Writes has kindly cast the spotlight on HIDEOUS PLASTIC, specifically focusing on the KickStarter campaign that is currently running.

Thank you for the attention, Matthew.  Helping to spread the word greatly improves the campaign’s success.  I really need that to happen right now. So if anyone wants to write about the book and the KickStarter campaign, please do so.  I need that promotional push.  thank you.