4/26 Day, ummm… Whatever Happened to..?

ALIEN Day has been and gone for this year and it brought with it announcements and reveals that set fans and collectors abuzz. Which is a great thing as that was the goal it set out to do.  I enjoyed it immensely and among various treats, we saw some prelude footage for the upcoming ALIEN: Covenant movie and a wide range of new licenced merchandise coming our way.

Some of these items were already anticipated such as the Super7 Blind Box ALIEN figures and NECA’s reveal for their upcoming figure based on the creature as it appears in ALIEN: Covenant along with a few surprises.  Some of these surprises included an ALIEN themed Mr. Potato Head figure and a set of wooden matryoshka nested dolls.  All good stuff in their own way. Even the new range of Funko POP! figures (below) based on the new movie were a welcome sight.

On the other hand, I got to thinking ALIEN Day was a little incomplete.  Something was Continue reading

Wooden ALIEN Nesting Dolls.

PPW Toys are bringing the ALIEN licence to the wonderful world of Russian matrysoshka nesting dolls.  Each doll in this set is of decreasing size and fits inside each other – kind of like how a facehugger fits inside an egg and an Alien chestburster fits inside your chest and a full grown Alien fits inside a space shuttle.  It’s a nice thought, huh.

This wtf news is exactly what you needed to wake up to, right?  This set of nesting dolls is Continue reading

ALIEN Mr. Potato Head Figure.

I really enjoyed writing that heading way too much.  What we have here is one of the weirder items coming out soon based on Fox’ ALIEN property from toy manufacturer, PPW Toys.

This is not normal and it’s probably easier if I just link to the manufacturer’s page like this and give you their official spiel: “Horrifying meets cute in this mash-up as Mr. Potato Head Continue reading

ALIEN Covenant Funko POP! Figures.

These things never seem to go away and there always appears to be more of them every month.  They breed like rabbits, they do.  I’m talking about Funko POP! figures and of course there’s going to be a range of licenced ALIEN Covenant figures, too.

These things stand around 6 inches tall and will available in June, 2017.  Personally, they don’t grab me all that much but hey, I still think they qualify for a mention on the site. Along Continue reading

First Good Look at NECA’s New ALIEN Covenant Figure.

The first solid image of NECA’s new ‘Big Chap’, Xenomorph, Protomorph, Alien – whatever you want to call it – from 20th Century Fox upcoming ALIEN Covenant movie has been posted on Twitter.

The new critter possesses a number of variations from Giger’s original designs.  It’s a lot fleshier in appearance and much of its musculature is visible on the surface as well as an Continue reading

Cool Props New Life Size ALIEN Head.

Where to even start with this thing?

It’s a life size (36 inches) replica of the Alien’s head produced by Cool Props in Japan.  They have made quite a few quality replica ALIEN heads and this is no exception. This 1:1 scale item is being produced in Japan in a limited run of only 150 units and is approved by the HR Giger museum.

The item isn’t cheap but it is feature rich including the clear carapace revealing the skull visage beneath.  It is priced at 197,000 Yen (around US$1,760) and distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in the US.  This would be made so much more cool if the upper surface could glow in the dark.  More photos below the break. Continue reading

ALIEN UNIVERSE Merchandise Sneak Peak.

Over at A L I E N  UNIVERSE a selection of sneak peaks at upcoming merchandise has been posted.  Some of these items are very welcome…  others are just, um, strange.

Most exciting is our first good look at what NECA has in store for their new ALIEN: Covenant action figure.  Here it is at last!  Fantastic!  Six fingers and digitigrade legs along with a slew of fresh interpretations of familiar features adorn the critter we love to fear. This Continue reading

NECA Kenner Inspired ALIENS Vasquez Figure now Available.

Released in time for ‘ALIEN Day’ NECA’s new Kenner tribute Vasquez action figure is available from NECA’s online store.

The figure features the likeness of Jenette Goldstein along with over 25 points of articulation and includes a knife, a shin sheath and pulse rifle as accessories.  I don’t think her Smith & Wesson pistol is included and she certainly isn’t toting her smartgun in this Continue reading

ALIEN Day Goodies: Super 7 Blind Box Aliens.

Super7 have have announced their new Blind Box variants of their popular ReAction ALIEN figure will be available on April 26.  Which is today… or tomorrow depending on what part of the globe you live on.  Availability, however won’t be possible until noon PST.  Whatever that means.  I live in Australia and it’s almost noon 4/26, already.  Not that it means anything to anyone else.

Anyway.  You can order them online sometime soon. Say, in about 24 hours time from their Super7 Webstore.  Looks like there’s going to be just the 3 variants we have already Continue reading