KickStarter Campaign is Now Closed. Post Mortem Now Posted.

The KickStarter Project campaign for HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. didn’t receive the support I anticipated; and while the result was disappointing, I’m not disappointed.  There is a difference.  I’ve written a post mortem for the final update on the Project’s KickStarter campaign page and I’ve reproduced it in its entirety below:

The KickStarter campaign is now over and the result has been disappointing. Oh well. It’s not really a problem. I’ve already commenced working on a plan to raise funds elsewhere. Regardless of the disappointing result, people did support the campaign. 49 Backers to be precise; and I am stoked that these people were willing to express their Continue reading

KickStarter – Curtain Closes in Less than 48 Hours.

The KickStarter campaign for the book, HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. closes soon and April 29 is the last day to make a pledge.  At this stage I need 300 people to pitch in and become Backers. You can do it!   I know you can!


Well, how about a couple of wealthy benefactors with a strong desire to see this book published?  That works, too.

No takers..?  Only need a couple of them.  Honest.

Oh well.  Maybe a pat on the back and a positive report card that says ‘Well done, Phil.  You got off of your ass and gave it a go.  Better Luck next time.”  I’ll settle for that at this stage.  Mind you that won’t get the book published by Christmas.  It’ll just be delayed.  That’s all.

Anyway, the KickStarter campaign closes soon and it’s not about to reach its intended goal.  I remain undeterred in my intention to see this book be published.  You’ll see.  Alternate plans are already drawn up.  This campaign will be over soon and the Project will move on without it.  Still, it would have been nice to have this book supported and funded by interested parties.

Thank you for your attention.  🙂


Our Final Week on KickStarter.

There’s only 7 days remaining and reaching the desired Goal of AU$25,000 doesn’t look too promising right now.  Any success for this KickStarter campaign is very slim.

On the other hand, I believe this Project is worth pursuing and I am proud of what I have achieved to date.  A 200 page book ready to march into its final stages once funding is acquired is a great position to be in regardless of the campaign result.  I’m sticking with Continue reading

KickStarter Introduces Guest Pledges.

KickStarter have introduced the ability for people without accounts to make pledges for Projects.  “…people can now back projects without creating a Kickstarter account. This means more people will have the opportunity to support and connect with your project.”

This is great news as it means anyone who wants to make a pledge can do so without having to sign up for an account.  Just make a pledge as a Guest.   Done.

Above is  the only print copy of HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. currently in existence.  KickStarter has just made it easier for you to change that.  There’s 10 days left for the KickStarter campaign before it ends on April 29 and it’s all up to you now.


World of MONSTERS Encouragement Video.

People who understand the love of monsters are embracing the book and KickStarter Project with videos, which totally gets me stoked.  Here’s World of MONSTERS supportive video for HIDEOUS PLASTIC.

This kind of support is absolutely invaluable to the Project and is a welcome push to ensure the KickStarter campaign has all the exposure it can get.  A few solid videos like this and the funding for this Project may yet still be raised.

I’m so happy the Project is now receiving this kind of support.  I’ll be able to continue working on this book – regardless of whether the KickStarter campaign is successful or not – in the knowledge people do want to see the book be published.


KickStarter Course Correction Incentive.

I’m making a much needed course correction to the HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter campaign.  Obviously after 35 days, this campaign is under performing so I’ve decided to make some adjustments to the currently unsupported reward tiers along with some other changes. These adjustments are based on Goals.  The original costings at campaign start were based on achieving the highest Goal – the hardcover edition.  As this Goal is highly unlikely, Continue reading

SPOTLIGHT: 2016 Super7 Faux 1986 Prototype Alien.

Super7 have just started shipping their new Kenner inspired 1986 ALIENS Warrior figure. It’s fitting then that this Spotlight should be cast upon its odd predecessor which was released last year. 

This item is a genuine curiosity.  It goes beyond representing any speculation on Super7’s part of what Kenner may have produced had they possessed the licence to make toys based on the 1986 movie, ALIENS.  This limited edition figure is intended to Continue reading

KickStarter – Early Bird Reward Tier – Final 24 Hours.

Soon we will be entering the final remaining 24 hours of the KickStarter Early Bird Reward pledge.

Ending soon.

Once the Reward expires on the last day of March, the 30% discount offer will no longer be available as part of the KickStarter campaign.  You may want to act quickly if this is your preferred level of support and wish to make a pledge to help make this book a reality.

The HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter campaign will continue for another 30 days but the lowest support tier that provides Backers with a copy of the book will soon be the full price Reward Tier that is the basis of the calculated budget for the book’s development costs.

Make a difference.  Make a Pledge.  Act soon!

Don’t let yourself get caught out by time zones.  This Project is based in Australia.


KickStarter Early Bird Pledge Expires Soon.

The Early Bird Reward Tier for the HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. will expire soon.  This reward option is part of the KickStarter campaign and offers 30% discount off the standard Print Edition and it will become unavailable after March 31.  If you are interested in supporting the campaign at a cheaper rate then now is the time to act before it’s too late.  Supporting this tier will reward Backers with a copy of the book, sheduled to be published in October, 2017.   While the campaign will continue until late April, 2017 the Early Bird Reward Tier will soon no longer be available.

HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. is a comprehensive 200 page resource book about the Kenner ALIEN action figure released in 1979.  The book is nearly complete.  A publisher, editor, typesetting and other print services are also ready to go.  All that remains now to set the final stages in motion and have the book delivered to Backers by Christmas is the financing to fund its completion.

Help bridge this final stage by making a Pledge.  Pledge today and receive a 30% discount on a unique book about one of the world’s great notorious children’s toys, the Kenner ALIEN action figure.