Diamond Select ALIEN Covenant Bust Bank Now Available.

Not sure how long this item has been available but we’ve known it was coming for some time now.  Here’s the purchase page for Diamond Select’s latest offering in their popular line of ALIEN piggy banks.  This one is dressed up in all the latest emaciated ALIEN Covenant trimmings.

“…this approximately 7” bust captures the creature in exquisite detail. Featuring collectible-quality paint and sculpting, this vinyl bank features a coin slot on the back, and an access door in the base…” and is going to cost US$29.  It is available online now. 


Pre-Order Eaglemoss Fifield and Ripley.

Looks like pre-orders are open for Eaglemoss ALIEN & PREDATOR figurine collectibles of Fifield and Ripley.  Mutated Sean Fifield (Issue #31)  from the ill fated Prometheus expedition and ALIENS version of Ellen Ripley (Issue #32) are heading our way.  One of these figures is super sexy and confronted some nasty alien thingy – the other is an over rated wench from last Century – you figure out which one is which.

Seriously, though.  It’s great to see Ripley finally being represented in her ALIENS garb, ready to confront the Queen; and the alternate version of Fifield Eaglemoss have gone with here will contrast well with the more screen accurate version NECA released some time back.

Honestly, though.  Fifield is the sexier one of the two items on offer here.  The raging, out of control pigeon toed mutant going ballistic wins my vote.  Either way, it looks like these will be available 0n 25 April, 2018.


NECA Club X ALIEN Exclusive Figure Revealed.

If you were committed enough to participate in NECA’s ALIEN Club X program (I didn’t) then you’ll be in the unique position to purchase an exclusive ALIEN item, the Kenner Tribute Purple Warrior figure.  This item is only available to Club X members fulfilling requirements of their membership.  Aren’t you lucky?  The coloration is based on card art illustration appearing on the diorama members received earlier this year.  NECA posted this image on their Facebook page.

This exclusive blueberry flavoured hybrid figure is a recasting of the domed warrior appearing in NECA’s recently released Burke and Domed Warrior 2 pack set.   This is kind of cool but I can see Club X members might be a little disappointed to receive a coloured recasting of an already extant figure instead of something truly unique for their dedication.


NECA’s Scorpion Alien, Work in Progress Images.

Here’s a couple of images released on NECA’s twitter page of what looks like their upcoming Scorpion Alien Kenner tribute figure.  One image appears to be an early evaluation sample of the figure annotated with amendments and changes; while the other image looks like a component list and diagrams of various appendages along with their descriptions.

It’s not known when the Scorpion Alien tribute figure is going to hit store shelves but it’s expected to arrive some time next year.  This particular Alien from the 1990’s was one of my favorites. so I may get one of these.  Continue reading

Updated NECA ALIENS Visual Checklist.

As part of their ‘5 Days of Downloads’ Christmas celebrations, NECA have posted an updated version of their ALIENS Visual Checklist – an infographic of all 82 released and announced ALIENS figures in the 7 inch range to date.  It can be downloaded from NECA right now and is available as an extra-large, 300 dpi JPG.

There are 2 versions available to download, the standard version as seen above and another version featuring card backer art.  Both are great!  NECA have made this an end of year annual event and an updated version of this chart has been available from them during the last few years.  Needless to say, it’s growing in size each year. Continue reading

Happy HIDEOUS 1st Anniversary!

Today is the first Anniversary of this website and the year sure has flown by quickly! Content has increased dramatically since it was just a few pages of photos and a couple of reviews way back in late 2016. Since then, there’s been over 200 News and other posts made to the front page – I like to keep the content on the front page turning over as regularly as I can so frequent visitors have a reason to come back. I’m trying to keep up with your expectations. I’ve also kept my dedication consistent and there’s been no hiatus for me – just a determined effort to keep updating the site – and its reputation.  That’s not stopping any time soon.

There’s over 80 pages of content here, now; and it ranges from action figure reviews, of which there are over 30 along with a selection of other articles and features. There’s the gallery pages that showcase the 1979 Kenner ALIEN and its successors.  Also a growing showcase featuring Kenner prototype ALIEN figures. All of this content is expected to see additional growth during the next 12 months. So, yeah.  I got content covered; and you want more? It’s coming!

Generally, I am looking forward to what this coming year brings and this website is ticking over very well.

It’s been an eventful and positive experience running HIDEOUS PLASTIC. I did slightly alter the focus of the site after an unsuccessful KickStarter campaign for my book earlier this year.  I  increased the amount of content here so more people would find the site rewarding and become aware of the book that is just sitting in the background, waiting. I’ll be continuing to manage the site in the New Year with this goal in mind. Hopefully, the book will make its way out to the world late next year. There’s no rush, though; as my publisher is patiently sitting in the wings, waiting for me to be financially viable to proceed. See update below.

Please bookmark this site. It is frequently updated with News, reviews and occasionally other items of interest to anyone who is an ALIEN toy and action figure enthusiast.

Thank you to everyone who has visited during the course of the past year. It means a lot to me to see you return.


HIDEOUS PLASTIC – The Book – December Update.

The HIDEOUS PLASTIC web site was originally set up to serve as an information outlet for the book of the same name; and to this end it’s still providing updates. So let’s take this Anniversary occasion as opportunity for this year’s final update regarding HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream.

For those not familiar with this Project, this book investigates almost everything you could  want to know about the very first ALIEN action figure made by Kenner Products in 1979. This hefty volume is now at a very advanced stage in its development and the 250 page manuscript is almost complete. Most of the content is finalised and locked down with some work still to be done. The next task will be to arrange for accuracy and fact Continue reading

Cool Props 1:3 Scale ALIEN. Pre-orders Now Open.

 The Cool Props Giger’s ALIEN 1:3 scale maquette/statuette is now available for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles.
This nearly 3 foot tall statue is going to cost you a dollar shy of US $1,500.  That’s actually not bad considering the quality that appears to be on display here. Here’s what Sideshow has to say about this astounding piece. “At the H.R. Giger exhibition held in Japan known as “H.R. GIGER EXHIBITION IN JAPAN 87”, the Alien statue on display was made from the screen-used suit for the movie “ALIEN”. Many fans were fascinated with its beauty still hold this Alien display as a holy grail.

Continue reading

Mamegyorai’s 1:3 ALIEN Project Images.

Stunning images have emerges from the recent Tokyo Comic Con 2017 of what appears to be a prototype of a new statuette of the Giger designed Alien creature.  The Japanese maker, Mamegyorai, had some incredible samples of their work in progress on show at their booth at the event.

The statuette is in the 1:3 scale range and posed in the classic stooped over stance.  This is an uncommon pose for manufacturers to adopt for sculpting the Big Chap but it is Continue reading

Cool props 1:3 ALIEN Maquette.

Cool props have a gallery stocked full of images of their upcoming statue of the creature from ALIEN.  At 1:3 scale it’s going to be a decent size.  As the Alien measures about 8 feet tall, this statue will be around the 2’8″ in height.

The Cool Props website is completely in Japanese – so we’ll have to wait until an official English website by Sideshow collectibles is available – so information is a little restricted.

I’ve been wondering why it’s called a ‘maquette’.  A maquette is a 3D concept piece, a sculpture used as a model to further aid in the development of a Project – and not a finished piece, which this is.  This is more of a statue than a maquette.  Japanese do things a little differently, I guess.

More images after the break. Continue reading