Mondo Mondoids ALIEN Coming Soon.

Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting comes news that Mondo, makers of Madballs and other pieces of weirdness, are about to unleash a new series of designer vinyl figures based on pop culture figures onto the world.  Among the series 1 release wave will be our good and reliable buddy, the Alien.

So what exactly are Mondoids, anyway?  “Each Mondoid, designed by Scarecrow Oven, is a uniquely freaky take on popular characters, and feature removable heads which can be mixed and matched with other Mondoids‘ themed bodies and bases!”  Continue reading

Hollywood Collectibles Group Teases ‘Sneak Peek’.

Appearing as a battered magazine cover, the Hollywood Collectibles Group has teased this image.  No doubt it’s for some manner of impressive superior quality figure that will be accompanied by a ludicrous price tag.  Nice preview image.

They have this to say on their Facebook page:

“You ready for some sneak peeks?  Stop by booth #2845 and check out many new and exciting items.  See you there!  #HGC #HollywoodCollectiblesGroup #SDCC2017 #SDCC #SanDiegoComicCon

I remember magazines.  *sigh*


NECA Teases New ‘Razor Claws’ Alien Figure.

San Diego Comic Con is happening this weekend and we’re likely to see all manner of reveals.  Take this photo NECA has recently teased on twitter as a fine example.

“We call him….Razor Claws  ” is all NECA have to say about it right now.

No other details regarding this item are known just yet but if you see it at SDCC please grab some information.  I’d love to know more. Speculation about this figure right now is the possibly it is based on a video game. Continue reading

NECA Announces James Cameron Action Figure.

NECA have announced the Director of ALIENS, James Cameron will be joining their extensive range NECA ALIENS action figures featuring the official likeness of the man as he looked during the movie’s release in 1986.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY exclusively announced the news that the figure will feature him wearing the USCM combat uniform and include gear fans of ALIENS are familiar with. This will include a pistol, pulse rifle, motion tracker and what looks like the added accessories of viewfinder and clapperboard.

This 7 inch tall item featuring more than 25 points of articulation is not a convention exclusive and will be available globally in stores once it is released later this year, in Continue reading


Right now, I’m going through the visual content of the book.  Making additions, revisions and changes to illustrations, diagrams and photographs where necessary.  It’s a long and demanding set of tasks for a richly illustrated book.  There’s well over 200 images in it now, and some updating has become necessary.

Among the work I am now doing is updating photographs, replacing placeholder content with finished pieces and basically lifting the pictorial content of the book to where it should be.  This will take some time but included in this process is adding extra illustrations, drawings and diagrams to the volume.  I have a background in building services and civil engineering so simple technical drawings are quick and easy to do – there’s a few of those and they are already in place.  Plus I also have a background in fan art and cartoon illustrations so I’m bringing those skills to this Project as well.

As part of the graphical content to help brighten up a volume that heavily features photographs of ugly old grey toys, these bright and playful illustrations will help to bring some life to the otherwise dry and dark ambience of a book exclusively about face ripping space monster play things.  AGES 5 AND UP is a series of (up to) 6 cartoons I am specifically preparing for the book.  They encompass themes of young children in that age joyfully playing with their Kenner ALIEN action figures and the situations they find themselves in.  These images have been a lot of fun to produce and I’m about half way through assembling this little collection.

Also of considerable importance in regards to visual content in the book, I’ve recently acquired some copies of 3rd party illustrations of the most invaluable kind.  As an asset to the overall Project these items are absolutely priceless and their inclusion will significantly boost the book’s appeal to anyone who is interested in these old Kenner toys.  Thank you, Steve, for your permission to use these.  Your contribution has helped to raise HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream‘s visual standard to a new level.

At this stage, the book is progressing very well and I’ll have  more News again sometime soon.


More Super7 M.U.S.C.L.E. Stuff at SDCC 2017

Not surprisingly, Super7 are releasing more exclusive ALIEN items at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.   More ALIEN M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, if you can’t get enough, already.

“Recreate your favorite Alien moments with the new Wave 1 Alien M.U.S.C.L.E. Trash Can assortment! The can features an embossed Xenomorph lid and contains a set of the 12 Wave 1 figures in blood red variant! The Bloody Alien Trash Can is exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con 2017 and will be available at Super7 Booth #4945.”


Super7 Details ALIENS M.U.S.C.L.E. 2 Pack

We now have more details regarding the previously teased Super7 powerloader and Queen Alien M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.  It turns out this will be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive 2 pack.  Details below.

“The new ALIENS M.U.S.C.L.E. 2-pack featuring Ripley in the Power Loader and the Alien Queen will be an SDCC Exclusive in yellow and packaged on an Aliens M.U.S.C.L.E. Continue reading

Super7 Teases ALIENS M.U.S.C.L.E. Figures at SDCC 2017

This teaser image dropped in my inbox this morning and like all things plastic and ALIEN it goes straight on the front page here.  Super7 is continuing their ALIENS range and what we have here looks like it could be a pair of ALIENS themed M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.  These items were previously on display at Toy Fair 2017, earlier this year.

Will this be a San Diego Comic Con 2017 exclusive?  …or will it be a general release item blister packaged on a card?  …or in a box like their previous Queen vs Ripley ReAction figure powerloader set.?  We don’t know just yet but SDCC 2017 is happening at the end of this month so we’ll find out soon enough.


Photobucket – Destroying Forums Everywhere.

The image hosting site Photobucket is doing a great disservice to its users – and users of the internet in general. As a result, many images hosted by Photobucket across the internet are now blocked and not being displayed properly without users making a payment of $399/year.

Fortunately, HIDEOUS PLASTIC has not been affected by these changes and this site is 100% safe from Photobucket’s new policy. All images here are being displayed properly. Continue reading