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I haven’t posted anything for a few days, so I may as well promote one of this site’s features.  The Gallery section visually documents all the action figures based on the original Kenner ALIEN toy released in 1979.

Along with multiple photo images of at least 10 derivatives of this figure, you will find other details and information including manufacturers, dates and dimensions.  It’s an all Continue reading

COMPARED: Kenner & Super7

The recently released Super7 ‘1986 Classic Toy Edition’ ALIENS action figure is very cool.  It’s basically a reissue of the the older vintage Kenner toy and that alone makes it very welcome.  How does the older figure compare to the new one?

Let’s find out, shall we?  In this article we will explore exactly just that.  Here for your personal pleasure, perverted purpose or plain posterity is an article exploring these figures side by side.


Super 7 Posts Comparison Photos of their 1986 ‘Classic Toy’ Edition.

Super 7 recently announced pre-orders were open for their new Kenner derived ALIENS Warrior.  Now they have posted a series of images that compare the original Kenner figure with their new iteration dubbed ‘Classic Toy’.  This new version is one of two that Super 7 plans to release – and I suspect won’t be the last either.

Here’s what Super 7 have to say about their new upcoming homage/alternative version of Continue reading

KickStarter – Kenner ALIEN Shipment Arrives.

One of several boxes I am expecting to turn up on my doorstep has arrived. Inside the box are several incomplete Kenner ALIEN figures along with an assortment of very useful parts.   Each one of these items will be put to good use in the coming months as part of the HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter campaign.

The package includes 3 incomplete figures along with an assortment of very useable parts: 1x head, 1x carapace (or dome, if you like), 1x tail, 1x shoulder spike, 3x pairs of Continue reading

Toy Fair 2017: My Personal Favorite so far.

There’s a ton of News regarding ALIEN action figures and toys coming out of Toy Fair 2017 and honestly, it’s a bit much.  So far, my favorite items are the pair of Kenner inspired Super 7 1986 ALIENS Warriors.  These items immediately elevated themselves to the top of  my ‘must have list’.

The important thing is the details on the display card front and center between both figures Continue reading

A Small KickStarter Progress Update.

I like posting Progress Reports.  I like letting people know how this Project is progressing.  I think you like to know, too.  I think they’re important.

The KickStarter campaign is rapidly nearing the point where it can be submitted to KickStarter admins for approval.  It will then appear on their page soon thereafter.  That submission will take place in about a week so we have roughly 7 days until the campaign is ready for approval.  I anticipate having all the components in place by then and that the KS admins will be pleased to feature this campaign on their platform.

Aside from a small selection of items that require my attention, the most important component is the campaign video.  It’s just folly to under-estimate how important a video is to a crowd sourcing campaign so that item is currently being assembled and looking good.

In the meantime, don’t forget we also have an instagram page.  Check it out.  There’s a growing selection of goodies being added by SiL just like this sweet little item:

More coming soon…


Building the KickStarter Army.

On my constant hunt to find Kenner ALIEN figures that can be restored I found this excellent choice.  He’s a little worse for wear and a little beaten up but with some love and attention I will transform this item into something jaw dropping and special.  I’ve done it many times before and I’m itching to do so again soon.

This mangy looking fellow is in a common condition for these vintage figures and potentially an excellent candidate for a full restoration.   The critical pieces are present Continue reading

Buying up Parts for KickStarter Reward Tier.

One important task I’ve been engaging in lately is purchasing up loose parts for some of the currently incomplete figures in my collection.This head is a fine example of what I’ve been chasing up, lately.  I’ve mostly been targeting heads, arms and tails for purchase.  Other occasional small mouth parts and shoulder spikes sometimes, too.  These items have been missing from some of the figures in my collection and I need to get them into a complete state.  Continue reading