Dallas Mock Up Card Added to the Prototype Gallery

Yet another set of images of a unique item graces our ever expanding gallery of prototype and production items.  This time around we have a mock up backing card of Kenner’s Dallas action figure from their cancelled and unproduced 3.75 inch range of ALIEN action figures.

This card may possibly be the only one of its type still existing.  It is certainly one of the oldest known work in progress samples of such packaging for Kenner’s ALIEN range of products.

Thank you Steve Dwyer for contributing information and images of this item to be used in the gallery.  This item is a true gem.

Don’t forget to check out the other amazing relics and unique items to be found in the HIDEOUS PLASTIC Prototype Gallery.  If you own any production samples or prototype items like those being showcased on that page, let me know and I’ll add it to the gallery.  Full credit will be recognised and I don’t/won’t post items without permission from owners, either.


A Small Update for the Prototypes Gallery.

A small update to the HIDEOUS PLASTIC Prototype Gallery with the addition of a pair of images of a clear prototype faceplate for the 3.75 inch tall Kane compression suit figure.  It’s been added along with a couple fresh photos the figure to which it was intended.  You can view images of them right here.

Thank you, Steve Dwyer for sharing this content with the rest of us!  It’s great to witness such glimpses into the lost history of toys so many of us love.  It’s only in the hands of such collectors that many of these unique items have survived; and sharing such images raises their significance and public awareness.

Our Prototypes Gallery is slowly but surely growing.  You might be surprised at the content and support we are now receiving so go take a peek at it.  If you are in possession of any such prototypes, in particular any Kenner ALIEN toys from last Century, please drop me a line and we’ll organise to add them to the gallery with your permission.  As usual, you will be honored with full credit on your behalf.


The Secret Life of 1986 ALIENS Action Figures.

No ALIENS action figures or toys were made available as movie tie-in merchandise to accompany its release in 1986.  Nonetheless, action figures did play a role in the making of the movie.

This article outlines how one of the worst ALIEN action figures ever released contributed to one of the best action movies ever made.  You can read about it here.


2 New Additions to the Prototypes Gallery.

We have 2 new additions to the Prototype figure gallery for your enjoyment.

First up is a set of images of a hard copy prototype of the original 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure tail. Second is an amazing prototype of the Queen Alien that was used to create the mass market version of HRH as she appears in Kenner’s 1994 Action Masters die cast miniatures series.

The addition of these 2 items now means all of Kenner’s major ALIEN toy lines/waves/ranges are represented by at least one prototype item at the most basic level.  That’s a great milestone for the gallery I have been hoping to achieve and it has now been realised.  I am hoping to add more sometime soon.

Special thanks respectively goes to Bruce White and Steve Dwyer for images and information regarding these pieces.

If you have any images of ALIEN prototypes and would like to contribute them to the Gallery, please contact me.  I’d love to see your contribution on the page.

The Prototype Figures Gallery can be found here; or from the drop down ‘Galleries’ menu at the top of this page.


Prototype Gallery Update.

In the interest of providing new and interesting content to everyone visiting HIDEOUS PLASTIC, I have the pleasure of announcing 3 excellent additions to the prototype gallery.  New content includes a terrific example of a 1992 ALIENS Alien Queen test shot mounted on a mock up backing proof along with a pair of different prototype versions of the ALIEN: Resurrection Signature Series Warrior ALIEN.Photographs and a brief description accompanies each of these 3 items.  Check them out.  They are fantastic!

As usual, these entries would not have been possible without the kind permission of contributors allowing me to use this content.  My appreciation and gratefulness goes to Steve Dwyer and toyzonehk.  Thank you both for helping to expand the content of the prototype gallery.

While on the subject of prototype figures, I have added a few more details to the already extant article on the curious history of Kenner’s Pocket Size ALIEN Legend  You may like to check that out, too.  Thank you again Steve for the additional information and the use of the extra image content.  Too much awesome and I’m pleased to see it!

Anyone who is in possession of any prototype ALIEN action figure image material is welcome to make a contribution to the gallery.  Please contact me if you wish to do so.  You will be credited.


Check Out Our Awesome Gallery!

I haven’t posted anything for a few days, so I may as well promote one of this site’s features.  The Gallery section visually documents all the action figures based on the original Kenner ALIEN toy released in 1979.

Along with multiple photo images of at least 10 derivatives of this figure, you will find other details and information including manufacturers, dates and dimensions.  It’s an all Continue reading

COMPARED: Kenner & Super7

The recently released Super7 ‘1986 Classic Toy Edition’ ALIENS action figure is very cool.  It’s basically a reissue of the the older vintage Kenner toy and that alone makes it very welcome.  How does the older figure compare to the new one?

Let’s find out, shall we?  In this article we will explore exactly just that.  Here for your personal pleasure, perverted purpose or plain posterity is an article exploring these figures side by side.


Super 7 Posts Comparison Photos of their 1986 ‘Classic Toy’ Edition.

Super 7 recently announced pre-orders were open for their new Kenner derived ALIENS Warrior.  Now they have posted a series of images that compare the original Kenner figure with their new iteration dubbed ‘Classic Toy’.  This new version is one of two that Super 7 plans to release – and I suspect won’t be the last either.

Here’s what Super 7 have to say about their new upcoming homage/alternative version of Continue reading

KickStarter – Kenner ALIEN Shipment Arrives.

One of several boxes I am expecting to turn up on my doorstep has arrived. Inside the box are several incomplete Kenner ALIEN figures along with an assortment of very useful parts.   Each one of these items will be put to good use in the coming months as part of the HIDEOUS PLASTIC KickStarter campaign.

The package includes 3 incomplete figures along with an assortment of very useable parts: 1x head, 1x carapace (or dome, if you like), 1x tail, 1x shoulder spike, 3x pairs of Continue reading