Shameless Self Promotion Opportunity. Hah! Let’s do it.

News is always a little sparse this time of year – and last year was a bumper crop with all that ALIEN Covenant stuff happening as well.  So I’m taking this opportunity to promote this feature on HIDEOUS PLASTIC.

Yep.  It’s the 1979 Kenner ALIEN action figure gallery.  All 12 figures are represented on these pages.  That includes the original figure from 1979 and all the derivative and tribute figures released since then.  Some as recently as 2017 – and as we already know, another one is coming.  Most likely to be released this year.

Check out the 1979 Kenner ALIEN gallery!  It’s one of this site’s great features.  It consists of a dozen pages featuring dozens of photos and product information on Kenner, Tsukuda Hobby, Halcyon, Gentle Giant and Super7 versions of the classic action figure.


Improvised Jar Lid Display Stand Works.

There’s no doubt the Kotobukiya ArtFX figure is one of the best you can buy.  I reviewed it and was recently fortunate enough to pick up a 2nd one, extra cheap.  Mind you, it was cheap for a reason – the sale included nought but the figure itself.  No box.  No display stand.  No mini flashing disco strobe light to show it off… just the figure itself.

As the figure is highly dependent upon being set up on a stand – and none was present with this particular purchase, it raises a big question:  How can I display this wonderful iteration of the Alien to its maximum benefit and not have it fall over and risk breaking?  How..? Continue reading

Diamond Select ALIEN Covenant Bust Bank Now Available.

Not sure how long this item has been available but we’ve known it was coming for some time now.  Here’s the purchase page for Diamond Select’s latest offering in their popular line of ALIEN piggy banks.  This one is dressed up in all the latest emaciated ALIEN Covenant trimmings.

“…this approximately 7” bust captures the creature in exquisite detail. Featuring collectible-quality paint and sculpting, this vinyl bank features a coin slot on the back, and an access door in the base…” and is going to cost US$29.  It is available online now. 


Pre-Order Eaglemoss Fifield and Ripley.

Looks like pre-orders are open for Eaglemoss ALIEN & PREDATOR figurine collectibles of Fifield and Ripley.  Mutated Sean Fifield (Issue #31)  from the ill fated Prometheus expedition and ALIENS version of Ellen Ripley (Issue #32) are heading our way.  One of these figures is super sexy and confronted some nasty alien thingy – the other is an over rated wench from last Century – you figure out which one is which.

Seriously, though.  It’s great to see Ripley finally being represented in her ALIENS garb, ready to confront the Queen; and the alternate version of Fifield Eaglemoss have gone with here will contrast well with the more screen accurate version NECA released some time back.

Honestly, though.  Fifield is the sexier one of the two items on offer here.  The raging, out of control pigeon toed mutant going ballistic wins my vote.  Either way, it looks like these will be available 0n 25 April, 2018.


Wild Boar ALIENS Samples added to Prototype Gallery.

Our first additions to this site’s Prototype Gallery for the New Year happens to be a pair of  1994 Wild Boar Alien samples.  Also included in today’s post is an orthographic technical drawing of the figure showing side, front and top elevations.  A very revealing and welcome document providing insight into design aspects of how these figures were made.

I’d like to thank Steve Dwyer once again for his preparedness to share images and information of his latest acquisitions with us all.  It’s greatly appreciated – and I’m sure you will get a buzz out it as well.

Go check out the images and information regarding this plastic beast.

I’m always on the look out to showcase more Kenner ALIEN figure prototypes produced from 1979 to the end of last Century.  There’s plenty more out there; and if you own such an item and would be interested in contributing images to a growing visual documentation of content, then please contact me.  I only post images where I have permission to do so.  It’s all part of my policy to respect the wishes of all the contributors who have helped make the Prototype Gallery the eclectic area of the site it is today.  Thanks Guys!