Super7 Reveal 5 Inch Vinyl Psychedelic Alien Queen.

Better put your favorite Pink Floyd LP on the turn table for this one.  Vinyl, of course. Speaking of vinyl, Super7 have announced their new 5 inch tall ‘Psychedelic Terror Queen Alien’ figure will be available at this weekend’s Five Points Festival (May 20-21) in New York City.

The lurid red and purple vinyl cast figure will be exclusive to the event.  So if you want one, turn up.  Optionally, keep an eye on Super7’s online store as any remaindered stock (if Continue reading

ALIEN Day Goodies: Super 7 Blind Box Aliens.

Super7 have have announced their new Blind Box variants of their popular ReAction ALIEN figure will be available on April 26.  Which is today… or tomorrow depending on what part of the globe you live on.  Availability, however won’t be possible until noon PST.  Whatever that means.  I live in Australia and it’s almost noon 4/26, already.  Not that it means anything to anyone else.

Anyway.  You can order them online sometime soon. Say, in about 24 hours time from their Super7 Webstore.  Looks like there’s going to be just the 3 variants we have already Continue reading

TEARDOWN: Super7 ALIENS 18 Inch Figure.

My third and final investigation into Super7’s recently released 18 inch tall ‘1986 ALIENS Classic Toy Edition’ action figure is now posted.  This article is a complete teardown of the figure, the likes of which you won’t see anywhere else.

Onoes!  I took it apart!  Obviously, squeamish purists and pussy pants Collectors who believe such collectibles shouldn’t even be removed from their box are recommended to avert their sensitive gaze as we comprehensively gut this figure and closely examine its interior.  Let’s find out what it had for breakfast.


COMPARED: Kenner & Super7

The recently released Super7 ‘1986 Classic Toy Edition’ ALIENS action figure is very cool.  It’s basically a reissue of the the older vintage Kenner toy and that alone makes it very welcome.  How does the older figure compare to the new one?

Let’s find out, shall we?  In this article we will explore exactly just that.  Here for your personal pleasure, perverted purpose or plain posterity is an article exploring these figures side by side.


Super7 ALIENS Warrior Gallery Updated.

Super7’s new 18 inch ‘Classic Toy Edition’ ALIENS Warrior is now available from their online site.  I’ve added 45 images of the figure to its HIDEOUS PLASTIC Gallery page.  Check it out.

The additions to the Gallery are the first of an extensive 3 part coverage of the figure I am engaging in.  Tomorrow I will be writing and posting the product review. In the days following that, I’ll also be writing up a comprehensive comparison of Super7’s new figure with the original Kenner toy.  So there’s a ton of stuff yet to come in regards to this newly released member of the Kenner ALIEN action figure family.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Gallery for images of the original Kenner figure and it’s derivatives.   There’s so much stuff tucked away in there, you’ll be surprised at it all.

Just like all the items appearing in the Gallery, this figure will also feature in the book HIDEOUS PLASTIC – In stores everyone can hear you scream. A Kickstarter campaign is currently active for this Project. Please support this amazing and unique Project.

Thank you,


SPOTLIGHT: 2016 Super7 Faux 1986 Prototype Alien.

Super7 have just started shipping their new Kenner inspired 1986 ALIENS Warrior figure. It’s fitting then that this Spotlight should be cast upon its odd predecessor which was released last year. 

This item is a genuine curiosity.  It goes beyond representing any speculation on Super7’s part of what Kenner may have produced had they possessed the licence to make toys based on the 1986 movie, ALIENS.  This limited edition figure is intended to Continue reading

Super7 ALIENS Warrior is Now Available.

Super7’s speculative ‘Classic Toy Edition’ ALIENS Warrior action figure is now available from their web store.

At US$195 (plus postage) this is a pricey figure but keep in mind it is at least 18 inches tall and quite possibly closer to 19.  This is a tribute item that repurposes the original Kenner ALIEN figure and proposes what such a figure would have been like if Kenner’s original Continue reading